Freunde von mir gingen nach San Diego, um Englisch zu lernen. Nach ein paar Monaten vermisste ich die Bande so sehr, dass ich mich entschied, sie zu besuchen. Der einzige Grund, warum ich nach Amerika wollte…. ausser Las Vegas. Und dort waren wir auch! Dummerweise verlor ich meinen Ausweis. Zum Glück hatte ich auch meinen kongolesischen Pass dabei, aber mit diesem wollten sie mich nicht fliegen lassen.
The officer at the gate called me, I quote:
"The African Swiss Chocolate"
At first I was offended, but I thought it
"How that's actually a sexy nickname"
I know this might just sound a little childish, but in my defense I would like to say,
Boys will be boys!
Just imagine how cool that nickname would be in a message after a date:
"Hey, I had a good time today, hope I see you soon xoxo African Swiss Chocolate"
If I wanted to be a R&B singer:
"Ladies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for the AFRICAN SWISS CHOCOLAAAATE!!!"
Sexy right!?
So back to being a mature adult, I lost my wallet and couldn't go home
and even had to pull the, "Just because I'm black card"
Which got me a 4 Day stay in a hotel and 2 free Taxi rides in New York city Baby!
I even feel asleep in central park for 3 hours, just watching people in the park.
You would believe how relaxing that is, people watching meditation!!
Nature is beautiful!!
Long story put short, It was crazy.
I started in San Diego, a friend got arrested in Mexico, We went to a real country club and yes Americans really square dance, it is surprisingly very real!
I'll talk about it on stage or leave a message and get the full story!