Es gibt eine neue Game-Show auf Joiz. Zwei bis drei Teams hören sich Schadenfälle an und müssen danach erraten, ob die gehörten Fälle echt sind oder nicht. Ihr könnt von zu Hause aus ebenfalls mitraten. Ist das nicht cool??? Virtuelles High Five!!!
Schaltet am Dienstag um 18.30 Uhr Joiz TV ein und seht, wie Cat Couture und ich raten.

Wow, it seems like years ago that I might Cat! I remember it as if it was yesterday.
Wow, I remember it like it was yesterday is one of those sentences that makes you feel old.
But yes, Cat Couture was a good sport.
She lost (haha) but did it with a smile. What I wonderful human being. And that voice, woah.
Just go visit her website and such. You won't regret it!
We stayed friends after the event and she even invited me to her husbands Vernissage.
But I missed it, and forgot to apologize.  Not very brave I know.
I think I'll give her a call the next couple of days :). I'll be like " Hey Cat, shit happens, we cool"
And she'll be like " What yeah we cool"
That's how I hope the conversation will unfold.
.................Well just wanted to put some personal touch that into this post.
Appreciate you ready.