A few days ago an anonymous stranger wrote me an email, telling me that it would be nicer if I wrote some posts in english and maybe because of my Swiss german accent from Aargau (google it), I seem to be less manly. Wow you’re cutting deep. But, I like a good challege and it’s actually a good Idea, cause it’s the language that a feel more comfortable with and german, has to definitely be one of the most difficult languages on the planet. LITERALLY!!! Der, die, das is the most……..!!! Anyway…about the reading. I loved reading. I still do it, but not with the same passion and intensity in fantasy as when I was 10 years old. I used to read “Goosebumps”!! And I would disappear into the book and forget everything around me. I landed up reading a 500 page long book. And just like a bad joke, someone decided to tear the last 3 pages out. I have never been so furious in my in tire life and that very moment led to me not ready any books, except if it was a school lecture, for the next 8 years! I think I just lost my edge. Well let me get back to reading.. Oh and if anyone actually reads this, say hi!