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Vor kurzer Zeit fragte mich eine Bekannte, "wie es ist ein Interview über sich selbst zu geben.
Für mich war die Antwort klar: Es ist wie ein Interview über deinen Job. Nur etwas ausführlicher. Bei dieser Antwort dachte ich jedoch nicht an das Interview mit dem Lenzburger Bezirks Anzeiger war für mich doch etwas sehr Spezielles. I was about my job.
Which actually sounds weird. I know. Aber in manche Interviews haben wir viel zu lange über meiner Vergangenheit gesprochen.

Which is Ok, but I'm more than that right? Know what I mean?
I guess can't be the only one, that sometimes thinks he gets defined by his past?
Especially if something out of the ordinary happens.
We humans have our experiences and most are different from others.
But we all have our issues with the past.........  Old friends and crazy uncle
Who doesn't have some drama drama in their life!?
But lets return to the interview:
I can't get my finger on it, cause I have to be honest, I don't really enjoy interviews, but this one is special. It shows some of my everyday life, it is one of the most relaxing interviews I've ever had.
I'm not saying that I haven't had any relaxing interviews,
but this one was and is a bit personal. A good reason for that is, that the newspaper is from my hometown, Lenzburg!!!
See if you can spot the fusion from real with life with comedy.

Interview bei Melanie Solloso
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